We have partners not clients. We treat each project like our project.

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We cover all the technical stuff for our partners. You focus on creating content.

OHM Tribe

9700 EURO

970 EURO

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Our Fantastic Partners and their Beautiful Projects


"It's great to work with Adi because he knows how to connect spirituality with business, marketing, website, social media and things that I do not have a clue about but what are handy. He does it so that you do not have to know it but still have full control. "

"Tantra became a way of living for me. For more than eigth years, I've been sharing my wisdom and journey as a teacher of Tantra."

Lotus Tribe Clothing

"Working with Adrian has been an absolute game-changer for our business. The team's expertise and personalized approach have not just met but exceeded our expectations. I couldn't recommend highly enough; they're not just a service provider but a strategic partner essential for any brand aiming for excellence."

"We create wonderful yoga clothes without compromise. Our designs are breathable AND earth friendly. For the big AND the small. "

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Hello, I'm Adrian Aparaschivei, the founder of OHM Tribe, and I love to be of service for your projects. Your beautiful online journey starts with this small button below.

Our focus is with our tribe, therefore the number of projects we can create in partnership is limited. The price for joining OHM Tribe will increase with 250 EURO for every new member until we reach the true value of our services at 9700 EURO.